1 Mom. 2 Girls. 3 Countries.

And a life-altering diagnosis.

WELCOME to the ups and downs, the crazy and the fun, of our life with type 1 diabetes.

BUT ... This disease is misunderstood and more complex than I ever imagined. That is why we advocate!

Thanks for joining in on our journey!

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Type 1 diabetes is hard - life as you know it changes immediately! Think back to diagnosis day... hard, no? It is for me.

Now, imagine you didn't have to face the diagnosis alone because a fairy and her magical bracelets are there every step of the way!

Join Faye the fairy as she helps her first kid ever - Ava. Together, they navigate Ava's new normal and learn that knowing diabetes basics isn't enough.

Sometimes, being surrounded by the right people matter more than anything else!

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**All profits from this book will directly benefit newly diagnosed kids in Jordan**

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  • Are you ready for school?

    Going back to school includes so much for T1Ds. Let me help simplify! Check out my factsheet for Nora's care team and get your free PDF customizable form at All About Awareness.

  • A Day with Nora - Life with Type 1 Diabetes

    Did you love The Diabetes Darling? Check out our dual language colouring book for our youngest learners!

    Download your copy today!

  • You can help, too!

    Raise awareness in your community with our FREE type 1 diabetes downloadables.

    Now available in both

    English and Arabic!

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