FAQs - Our Top 10

FAQs - Our Top 10

What causes T1D?

The cause of Type 1 is currently not known despite extensive research. It is believed that viral and environmental factors can trigger a diagnosis, with genetics playing a role as well (if T1 or other autoimmune diseases runs in the family - like celiac or thyroid).


Is it contagious?

No it is not. You cannot “catch” Type 1 Diabetes. 


Isn’t that the one for kids?

Type 1 is often diagnosed in childhood, but that doesn’t preclude adults from being diagnosed with Type 1 as well.


Are you sure she can eat that? Do that activity?

Yes, I am sure. With the proper precautions (insulin, food, etc.) a Type 1 can do almost anything they put their minds too. (We don’t call them warriors for nothing).


This cake is sugar free so she can just eat it, right?

Yes, she can eat it. But just because it is sugar-free doesn’t mean it is carb free, or will not have an impact on her Blood Glucose levels. Even plain grilled chicken will have an impact (though it could take some time).


Doesn’t the insulin and technology take care of that for you?

While the technology helps immensely and insulin is required, T1 is still managed personally, with hundreds of additional choices and decisions to make daily.


Will she grow out of it when she gets older?

Unfortunately, no. She will have Type 1 forever.


What can I do to prevent it?

Currently, there is nothing you can do to prevent the diagnosis.


Is there a cure?

Sadly, there is not. But I know researchers will continue to do their thing until there is one.


What can I do to help?

Just ask! If you don't know what's going on, talk to Nora. (If you ask me, I'll also probably ask if you spoke to Nora first! - we are big on letting her speak up for herself).

Want to do more? Help us advocate! Join in campaigns that help lower the price of insulin, help ensure equal access to medical devices or just raise awareness in general so that being different isn't so hard.

If you have any questions or don't know where to start, reach out to me and I can help!