The Diabetes Darling

The Diabetes Darling

By Jennifer Cheatham & Illustrated by Dina Fawakhiri

Wouldn't it be amazing if each kid was assigned their own special T1D fairy on diagnosis day?!?

Well, that place exhibits in the new book - The Diabetes Darling

Faye the fairy has just turned 7 and is ready to graduate from being a fairy-in-training! But before she earns her wings, she must past one final test.

Her mission? To help Ava, a 6-year old shark-loving, hip-hop dancing girl who was just told that she has type 1 diabetes. 

With the help of two magical bracelets, her pet cat Fox and Dad’s loving advice, can Faye answer all of Ava’s questions and help her overcome the challenges of her new normal? What if learning the steps to handle this relentless disease isn’t the most challenging task the girls face?

Follow along their journey to see if Ava can earn all 3 bracelet charms and Faye can finally get her wings! 

**Special Note **
All profits will directly benefit newly diagnosed kids in Jordan.
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Book Info: 59 pages, Published on Amazon, great for kids 5-10 years old.


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